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Jubilee The Love Story

Winner of the Genesis Contest and  in the running for the Author Academy Awards, 2019!

Here's what readers are saying

I was not prepared for “Jubilee”—not from Katy, not from anyone. This is a fine piece of writing on a subject Katy knows better than anyone else I’ve met: trust. Horses learn trust inside a round pen, but as Katy illustrates, so do people. In “Jubilee” she took me into the round pen, not with a whip, but with a story of love, searching, freedom, and fulfillment that is powerfully magnificent. Preston Gillham - author and leadership consultant

First and foremost, Katy Pistole’s novel, Jubilee—The Love Story is a beautiful, exciting story for anyone—lovers of horses or not. It will also bring surprising insights into our Heavenly Father and His love and omniscience. The protagonist, Clay’s journey is as heartbreaking as it is healing and hopeful. You’ll love this book—and like me, will probably buy several to give to those GOD brings into your heart.

Terri Gillespie - award winning author