Rescued. Redeemed. Reconciled. Done.

What does it mean to belong to love? 

If you belong to Jesus, you already do. 

My greatest joy is helping God's children see the heart of the Shepherd in a fresh, powerful way. 

I like sheep, but I LOVE horses. Scooter (my little red horse) helps me understand receive God's love. 

Hundreds of people have gained a new understanding of God's love through the living metaphor of me and Scooter. I'd love to share with you too!

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Horse facilities are not necessary.
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Me and Scooter dancing!


Ginger DeRoche

 When a terminal diagnosis came for the baby I carried, everything I felt that I knew about God came into question. A few weeks before my due date I attended a Beautiful Brokenness retreat and my eyes opened to the beautiful gift of seeing God for who he was, rather than with faulty beliefs as I had before. This tragedy and retreat experience allowed me to begin to truly know my Father. I will forever be grateful for the blessing of Katy and Scooter, her ministry, and God’s hand in showing me who he is through such a beautiful experience! 

Mary Powell

 Amazing demonstration of how much God loves us and cares for us and how it’s hard for us as his children to understand the grace He offers us. We may beat ourselves up and tell ourselves we aren’t worthy, but God shouts love to us and joyfully tells us through his Word that we are redeemed! Just like Katy redeemed Scooter, God redeemed us - already done! We don’t have to do anything! Believe and receive his grace! I loved learning these concepts through Katy’s Beautiful Brokenness ministry. She has a calling from God and He is honoring her work.  

Mary Merritt

 I am so blessed to have met Katy and Scooter. Her ability to make me see God and what we should be doing (two eyes on Our Father at all times) is so amazing. I get it! In all the years i have had horses, never have i put my relationship with God is such a understandable light. Katy is so patient, well spoken and genuine you can see the anointing God has over her. Thank you Katy and Scooter for helping me through a very difficult journey and seeing myself and my Father on my level. 

Misti Binns

 This ministry has touched my heart and life and the lives of countless others. The picture of the rescuing love of our Lord and Savior Jesus Christ love is awe inspiring and captivating. Katie and Scooter show how that love can look when our brokenness meets his mercy and amazing grace. We are afforded a ring side seat to see our Great God move and make a message from a mess. It's a mesmerizing exercise in faith rescuing the broken. I am forever grateful for her obedience and willingness to listen with his heart and ears. She is knowledgeable and Spirit-filled and on an anointed journey of ministry. 

Arielle Wellons

 Katy's equine demonstrations, not unlike the sheep and Shepherd metaphors in Scripture, are a beautiful way of illustrating how it is possible to let go of fear and mistrust and instead live in faith. She shares a hope-filled message in a truly delightful and captivating way. Beautiful Brokenness, as a ministry, has so much to offer people who are fearful, broken, and hurting. I've had the privilege of participating in many of her events and demonstrations, and I could see how this message touched so many lives. 

Susan Slaw

 Beautiful Brokenness offers a life and heart changing picture of the Good Shepherd. I have witnessed several of Katy's events and am always amazed by the connection, trust and love she and Scooter share. The ability to see my Heavenly Father in the same way, to see His heart  - his sheep, is life changing. Your heart and life cannot remain the same after experiencing Beautiful Brokenness.